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 ARCHELON, and Lets do it Greece participates in Glyfadas beach cleaning
ARCHELON, acknowledging the great, worldwide problem of litter both on land and sea, participates every year with the aim to sensitize the public, raise awareness and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

 ARCHELON participates successfully at Street Relays 2018 again this year!
Again this year, ARCHELON and its volunteers could not be absent from the sports events of “Vikos Street Relays 2018” at the beach of Glyfada, on Saturday the 21st April 2018.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Center (January-February 2018)?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Center, Joanne Stournara, updates us on the events in January-February 2018.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Center (December 2017)?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Center Joanne Stournara updates us on the events in December 2017.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Center (October - November 2017)?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Center Joanne Stournara updates us on the events in October and November 2017.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Center (September 2017)?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Center Joanne Stournara updates us on the events in September 2017.

LIFE EUROTURTLES Programme involves 9 Beneficiaries from 6 EU Countries (Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus) in a common effort to protect East Mediterranean Sea turtles. This project is co-sponsored by the EU and the Beneficiaries (ARCHELON, as the only beneficiary from Greece, is providing the same resources to support its implementation) in order to carry out these actions on land and at sea.

 Volunteering with ARCHELON
Thankfully, I can tell you without hesitation that my time in ARCHELON was nothing less than amazing. One of the best decisions of my life! As far as I have seen, many people call it a perspective-changing or even life-changing experience.

Another summer season has come to its end and EVS program was apparent once again at our projects with two new young volunteers from Sweden.

 ARCHELONs participation in workshop about dealing with emergencies at sea
From November 20th till November 23rd a workshop took place in Barcelona, which was organized by Sea Alarm Foundation, as a part of the European Program that evaluates the preparedness for wildlife (The European wildlife preparedness assessment program).

 Fishing and strandings of sea turtles in the Bay of Kyparissia
Specifically for the summer period of 2017, from early May to early October, four incidents of dead turtles strandings have been recorded, in which the causes of death are connected to specific fishing activities, from fishing nets entangled on fins to longline hooks stabbed on the turtles’ bodies.

 Archelon Extends Its Activity In Evrotas Delta In The Context Of Life Euroturtles
During our morning surveys, we looked for nests, for adult and hatchling tracks and also taking a look for predated nests. But our work was not only to monitor nests, it also included the record of the main threats for the turtles in the area, and the record of all the strandings found.

  Environmental education through lifelong learning at Amorgos Yperia Convention
On 26th - 29th October 2017, ARCHELON was present at the 15th International Convention on Tourism and Culture of Amorgos and the 8th Amorgos Film Festival at Amorgos Island. More than 100 attendants of all kinds of backgrounds, important film producers from 23 countries worldwide, journalists, students and representatives of cultural institutes were present.

 The annual report for the region “Thines Kyparissias”
Conservation efforts during 2017 at the nesting habitat of Caretta caretta in southern Kyparissia Bay (Natura 2000 - GR2550005 “Thines Kyparissias”)

 The protection of the Loggerhead Sea turtles in Laganas Bay, Zakynthos, Greece during 2017
This short report, submitted to the European Commission, the Standing Committee of Bern Convention and the ministry of Environment and Energy presents the main events in the efforts to protect the nesting habitats of Loggerhead Sea Turtles in Laganas Bay, Zakynthos.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Center (August 2017)?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Center Joanne Stournara updates us on the events in August 2017.