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 I saw a sea turtle and shared it on eTurtle!
In a recently published review about sea turtles in the Mediterranean, it was acknowledged that significant gaps still exist on several topics, especially for certain areas (e.g. south-eastern Mediterranean). These gaps are particularly marked for the green turtle.

 Dim the lights for baby turtles
The first tracks of hatchlings have already appeared on the nesting beaches of Kyparissiakos, Rethymno, Chania, Gytheio, Zakynthos and it seems most of them were successful in reaching the sea.

 In Sekania the first loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings in the National Marine Park of Zakynthos this year
The Management Agency of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos and ARCHELON- The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece are excited to announce that the first hatched nest for this year was found on Sunday, 15 July 2018 in Sekania beach.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Center (May and June 2018)?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Center Joanne Stournara updates us on the events in May and June 2018.

 The very first Caretta caretta hatchlings swim in the Laconian Gulf
During the sunrise of Saturday, 14th July, volunteers of ARCHELON recorded over than twenty traces of tiny Caretta caretta hatchlings having found their way to the sea in the Laconian Gulf of Selinitsa beach.

 The first sea turtle nests hatched in Rethymno, Crete
The hatching period for loggerhead nests on Crete made a start from Rethymno this year. ARCHELON’s volunteers found the first tracks of hatchlings successfully entering the sea, in the beach of Adelianos Kampos last Saturday.

 When the first Caretta caretta hatchlings of Kyparissiakos Gulf couldnt find their way to sea
Traces of the very first hatchlings, which left their nests, were found during the sunrise of Saturday, July 14th, by the volunteers of ARCHELON. However, their enthusiasm didn’t last long, they were caught by surprise and disheartening feelings, because their traces didn’t lead to the sea line, but followed the opposite direction, due to the topical superficial lights!

 Bay of Laganas, Zakynthos: Attention to turtles at sea!
ARCHELON informs us of everything we need to know before we board on a sea turtle watching boat trip, in order to avoid disturbing the animals in this area.

 POLYCASTE of Gialova and the seminars for sea turtle rescuers
She was found hit on the head with a heavy tool, by beach visitors in Gialova beach, near the historic bay of Navarino in Peloponnese, Greece, mid-June this year.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Center (March-April 2018)?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Center Joanne Stournara updates us on the events in March-April 2018.

 First nests of the season also in Koroni!
On 8 June the first Caretta caretta, sea turtle nests of Koroni this season were spotted on the beaches of Zaga and Memi with great joy by the ARCHELON volunteers during their morning survey.

 Tribute to World Sea Turtle Day, 16 June 2018
Turtles or tourists? We can all live together.
This year, ARCHELON celebrates 35 years of contribution to sea turtle conservation. We hope that sea turtles will safely continue their travels and that, humans and turtles, we can all live together, in the years to come.

 A surprise for the visitors of Zakynthos National Marine Park
Upon completion of the relocation of a nest detected very near the sea on Kalamaki Beach by the ARCHELON volunteers a few hours earlier, the scheduled release of sea turtle named "Hermione” was held as planned on Monday, 4 June 2018.

Plastic bags kill sea turtles...

 Protection of the Kyparassia Gulf in theory and in practice
The Management Agency of Kotuchi-Strofilia and Kyparissia Gulf, ARCHELON, MEDASSET and WWF Hellas call for the adoption of measures for the permanent, official protection of the Kyparissia Gulf area after the recent violations which took place there.

 The Caretta protection theory is being realised in Rethymno
On Wednesday, May 16th 2018, the annual reunion of services and actors on the most effective management of the Caretta caretta sea turtle reproduction habitat was realised, for the fourth time, at the beaches of Rethymno Gulf.