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 60 Volunteers in Rethymno helped 11.667 hatchlings reach the sea
The field programme held in the area of ​​Rethymno, lasted 5 months and ended last October, offering us, for the year 2012, plenty of data as well as experiences on the population of sea turtles and the condition of the habitat, which accommodates the largest number of nests in Crete. In further detail...

 Messara, a plan of development and protection or a sacrifice in the name of short term profit?
On the magnificent beach of south Crete, there is going to be a developmental plan across the coast region. However the question is which model of development is it going to be? The one that is integrated with natural environment and respects coastal ecosystem or the one that will sacrifice nature in the name of short term profit like the developmental model of north Crete?

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Centre?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Centre Joanne Stournara updates us on the events between 1st – 17th December 2012.

 You can help set them free!
During the past year, approximately 70 injured turtles were brought to the ARCHELON Rescue Centre in Glyfada, Attiki from all over the country.
The most common injuries are caused by intentional head hits speed boats, fishing net entanglement and hook ingestion which is removed with surgery.

 South Gulf of Kyparissia: A unique habitat in need of immediate protection
During the last 30 years, Archelon has been active in the south gulf of Kyparissia with the aim of studying and protecting sea turtles and their breeding habitats. Since 1983, members of the Societys researching team and volunteers from all over the world live in the areas Research Field Station throughout the entire period of nesting and hatching of the young turtles and during that time, they proceed to record the reproduction activity of the sea turtles, tag the adult individuals, fence the nests so as to prevent their hunting and inform both residents and visitors of the area.

 Environmental education report for the school year 2011-2012
As every year, the Report on the Environmental Education program of ARCHELON has been written. This report includes details about the participants, presenters of hundreds of presentations as well as the areas that they took place. It also presents the objectives of the program and the preparation of the material and how to accommodate thousands of spectators either at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Glyfada (third Marina) or at the environmental protection stations located near our programs at the nesting areas.

 Europe "corners" Greece for the protection of Kyparissia bay
The European Commission issued a Reasoned Opinion for Greece, which is a step before taking the country to the European Court of Justice, for not fulfilling its obligations to protect the endangered sea turtles in this significant area of the Natura 2000 European network of protected areas. Indeed, the second in number of nests nesting area of Caretta caretta in the Mediterranean suffers severe pressure for land development and exploitation.

 EVS volunteers at the Rescue Center
ARCHELON continues the long lasting cooperation with EVS and hosts two more volunteers at the Sea Turtle Rescue Center (3rd Marina of Glyfada). The last few months we have with us two exceptional men, one from Finland and one from Germany. We are really happy to have them with us and once more we would like to thank them for all their effort and time along with their commitment to the protection of the seat turtles.

 You may also help save a life... with a gift!
The holidays are almost here and we all want to get into the Christmas spirit by doing good deeds, making gifts and getting involved in environmental and social issues.
Its just the right season to combine a symbolic gift and also support an endangered wild animal which is counting on us to survive.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Centre?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Centre Joanne Stournara updates us on the events between 27th October and 30th November 2012.

 ARCHELONs cooperation with the Aquarium of Crete – CRETAquarium
During the last years, ARCHELON is closely working with the Aquarium of Crete, since the endangered sea turtle Caretta caretta, is an integral part of Crete s marine world and hence it is a common object of study and protection for both institutions.

 Response to the publication of the newspaper "THAROS", which contains alarmist and misleading information.
The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece ARCHELON with great disappointment was updated for the publication of an unacceptable publication in the November 25, 2012 issue of the newspaper "THAROS", which both contained misleading information and expressions alarmism that can cause havoc in local community.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Centre?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Centre Joanne Stournara updates us on the events between 6th October and 26th October 2012.

 ARCHELON at the "Festival of Nature"
The alumni association of the Moraitis School, in collaboration with 25 other Environmental & Animal Welfare NGOs, held the "Festival of Nature" on Sunday November 4, at Moraitis School. A celebration about nature and animals, in order to raise awareness and involvement of the public, regarding environmental issues. ARCHELON was there! 

 Seminar at the ARCHELON Rescue Center
On the occasion of World Coast Day (24th October) and to inform the instructional education community about ARCHELONs efforts and methods of incorporating it into the curriculum, a seminar was held on Sunday, Oct. 21 entitled “Caretakers of the Earth: Young citizens take action”.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Centre?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Centre Joanne Stournara updates us on the events of the week between 21st September and 5th October 2012.