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 Joanne, what's new at the Rescue Centre? (5-12 to 12-12-11)
This is the first in a series of weekly reports about happenings at the Rescue Center. The reports will be posted every Monday, but for this first time well include some important news from the recent past as well.

 “Spot Off !” - the Turtles Are Coming!
...Some of my Greek friends told me, while they were swimming accidentally they had met large sea turtles. What a fantastic experience! To retain this possibility, and for many additional and less selfish reasons, I think indeed the work of initiatives like Archelon is indispensable. Here, species conservation very certainly makes a lot of sense – nevertheless our marine ecosystems must be better protected altogether...

 “Alexis” back home
This sub adult loggerhead “Alexis” was rescued in Preveza on the 24th August 2011. He was released on the beach of Legrena at sunset on the 9th December 2011.

 Four “winter” releases
“Artemis”, “Iraklis”, “Kanella”, Vicky”,
We really need to thank all people involved from the rescue to the release making it possible to save these ancient mariners.
If we add these latest 4 releases, we have been able to return to the wild a total number of 28 free turtles, during 2011!!.

 Goodbye Caretta “Dina”...
We are referring to sea turtle “Dina”. Since her arrival on the 23rd August 2010 she received various courses of antibiotics. Over the last 15 months volunteers have spent time looking after her and treating her. Tubefeeding her was always a challenge and a burden at times. She hadnt shown any positive improvements since her arrival.

 European Conference on Quality in Volunteering
The 200 participants – representatives from many European volunteer organizations, governmental agencies and businesses with Corporate Social Responsibility programs – had the opportunity to share their experiences and the problems faced by their organizations as well as to learn from the experiences of other groups. Possible next steps to support volunteering in Europe were also explored. ARCHELON was represented by Theodoros Benos-Palmer, who coordinated the discussion group Institutional Framework and Volunteers.


 “Lara”, “Lena” and “Nikolas”, free again!!!
While winter approaches and the sea temperature drops below 18 C, we do our best to return as many sea turtles as we can to their natural environment, instead of having them spend the rest of the cold season in the rehabilitation tanks of the Rescue Centre.
So, a little before the end of November, three sea turtles who were saved by responsible citizens in different parts of the country, happily returned to their deep blue home.

 Running the Marathon for Caretta caretta
Dionysios Arvanitakis ran in the 29th Classic Athens Marathon (2011) to support ARCHELON and to make the message written on his T-shirt known everywhere:
We can live together.

 The EVS Volunteers of the Sea Turtle Rescue Center
ARCHELON hosts “European Volunteers EVS” volunteers who are our long term volunteers. This European programme gives the chance to volunteers to stay for long period while at the same time covers their main expenses, so it gives the opportunity for a longer participation. It also gives them a unique chance to learn the Greek language. Many of them when they go back to their country they miss so much their lifetime in ARCHELON that they come back as regular volunteers.

 And they lived happily ever after...!
Ive been a part-time volunteer at the Glyfada Rescue Center since July 2011, and its been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. During my time at the RC, Ive seen a lot of turtles come in, many of which appear to have been deliberately and cruelly injured by people. Some of them didnt make it, while others are struggling to survive. However, there were a number of success stories which give everyone the strength to continue. Two turtles, Andreas and Penelope, were recently given the green light to be released, and so on the big day, a small caravan of cars filled with volunteers made their way to the release site.

 ARCHELON member at the Board of the International Sea Turtle Society
A great success of ARCHELON and Greece! Aliki Panagopoulou, long-time member and until recently Programme Coordinator of ARCHELON, was elected at the Board of the International Sea Turtle Society (ISTS)

 4th Mediterranean Conference on Marine Turtles
This year, the 4th Mediterranean Conference on Marine Turtles, an important regional event, took place in Naples, Italy from the 7th to the 10th of November 2011. It was very interesting to meet and discuss common issues and solutions with our Mediterranean colleagues. Often, through collaboration and cooperation we can improve our respective conservation strategies. Over 150 people from 17 different countries attended this meeting combining all areas and specialty so specific to this region.
Dimitris Margaritoulis, Aliki Panagopoulou, Smaro Touliatou, Paul Tsaros, Nikos Vallianos and Alan Rees were there representing ARCHELON as well as Marianna, Anja and Sara, three volunteers from the Rescue Centre in Glyfada.

 October ends with two more releases

October 31st is the celebration of Halloween and also a perfect occasion to release two more of our rehabilitated turtles.
“Petros” was a lucky juvenile loggerhead that was rescued within the harbor of Piraeus on the 17th May 2011 and diagnosed with two injured flippers.
The other juvenile turtle, “Achilleas” was found in Mykonos a couple of days before “Petros”. He had swallowed two hooks...

 More good news from the Rescue Center

On 7 October 2011, a cloudy Friday afternoon, four of the turtles – all young ones – were released into the sea by the RC Coordinator and volunteers. The Aqua Divers Club, who are supporters of ARCHELON, kindly transported everyone to the release site in their boat.

 We save dozens of sea injured sea turtles every year

With the help of the public and some responsible fishermen, both of them members of the Archelon National Rescue Network, we are able to save dozens of sea injured sea turtles every year.