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You may also help save a life... with a "gift" of only 20 euros!
With ARCHELONs Adoption program, you may “symbolically” adopt a baby hatchling, only for 20 euros (instead of 30 euros) all through December 2013 and January 2014!!!

Teachers seminar, November 3rd, 2013
On Sunday, November 3rd, a seminar for teachers was held at the ARCHELON Rescue Center, entitled “INCITEMENT - CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION IN ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION (CASE STUDIES)”.
The aim of the seminar was to highlight the alternative - creative approaches to environmental issues and to exchange our educational experiences. The presentation of applications in the classroom or the field was the best method for our teachers to introduce their method and make it more easily understood by the public and with which method the environmental issues can be approached.

Dionysis: Finish line! For the turtles!
Every few kilometers something is happening. People dancing, playing music, shouting and cheering. A bit further.

Christina: Finishing the race is a huge relief
Finishing the race is a huge relief and an incomparable pleasure once you arrive at a target for which you have been training many months in advance...

Support ARCHELONs Marathon Runners!
Dionysis and Christina are participating in the 31st Athens Classic Marathon, aiming at running the Marathon Course and at the same time to collect 2.800 euro for the repair of the system that provides with fresh sea water the sea turtles pools, at the ARCHELONs Rescue Center in Glyfada.
Make a significant contribution to their effort and help the treatment and rehabilitation of the endangered sea turtles

..the best 5 weeks of my life!
...I had met the most amazing and inspirational people, created so many special memories that I will cherish forever and made friends for life. It was easy to say that my 5 weeks at Archelon were by far the best 5 weeks of my life and gave me the best experience, but I will forever be an Archelon baby and I will definitely be returning next year!

Messinia 2013 - 1st Mediterranean destination for Caretta!
With Ioannas return to the deep blue sea, ARCHELON celebrated the fact that Messinia was the 1st Mediterranean destination for Caretta Caretta during 2013s nesting season. The protected species nests were more than 1,300 in the Southern Kyparissia Bay, and more specifically between Neda River and Kalo Nero village.

Turtles have been arriving at the RC in near record numbers
Our volunteer at the Rescue Centre Joanne Stournara updates us on the events between 26 July -11 September 2013 and sadly mentions that turtles have been arriving at the RC in near record numbers, bringing the current number of turtles being treated to 38. The volunteers are working very very hard to care for all the turtles, which is a demanding task

Public nest excavations in Chania
It was a unique experience for those who had the opportunity to attend the beach of Agia Marina in front of the “Akoition” Hotel in Chania on Thursday 29/8 in the afternoon.
With the support of the Chania Municipality, the ARCHELON volunteers performed a public excavation of a nest located in front of the hotel.
Amongst those who attended, were: the Deputy Mayor of Environment Manousos Lionakis, the Associate Consultant of Tourism Maria Kokkinaki, the Municipality General Secretary Gabriel Kouris and the Special Advisor of the Mayor Nektarios Zorbakos who all listened carefully and learned about the dangers sea turtles face in the area and also participated in discussions regarding methods that need to be applied in order to overcome these dangers in the future.

3,600 Loggerhead hatchlings from Koroni swim in the Mediterranean
It has been estimated that almost 3,600 baby loggerhead turtles were helped to reach the sea by the 20 volunteers who participated in the project. Coming from all over the world (Greece, America – USA, Australia, Korea, England, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Belgium, Romania and Austria) they devoted their energy and time to protect the areas sea turtles protecting thus Koronis and Messinias natural wealth!

Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Centre?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Centre Joanne Stournara updates us on the events between 1 July-26 July 2013.

The EVS volunteers of ARCHELON in the summer field projects
ARCHELON once more would like to present the EVS volunteers who are participating in the summer field projects. Our volunteers are Scully Niamh from Ireland, Bini Albane from France and Huhn Lisa from Germany.

Timeline of Monitoring and Protection of Sea Turtles in Southern Kyparissia Bay
In the following article we present, in the form of a rough timeline, the “history” of the 30-yr work of ARCHELON in Kyparissia Bay and the rationale for the followed methodologies in beach work. The need to draft this article was caused after seeing a couple of press releases and letters which, either by ignorance or on purpose, provide false impressions.

This year, ARCHELON will operate, in close co-operation with the Administrative Bodies of Amvrakikos Gulf and Messolonghi, an intensive program in the above areas, in order to investigate the role of these protected areas in the life cycle and ecology of the sea turtle Caretta Caretta.

ARCHELON events in Crete for the Environment and the Sea turtles.
As it is generally known, the days that are dedicated to the environment, want to remind us of how important its protection and the harmonious coexistence with man as an integral part of it are, something that unfortunately we have more or less forgotten.

Releases and Satellite transmitters
Our volunteer at the Rescue Centre Joanne Stournara updates us on the events between 1st June – 30th June 2013.