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During this difficult period in time, the supply of medical products for the treatment of the injured turtles at the ARCHELON Rescue Centre in Glyfada, consists of great relief to those who work for their survival.
PAUL HARTMANN Hellas A.E. has covered ARCHELONS annual needs of medical products for the treatment of the injured sea turtles, involving bandages, disposable gloves, and surgical robes.

 Communication Program Presentation 2010 of ARCHELON

The Communication Program Presentation 2010 of ARCHELON regarding the Mass Media,
was held on the 20th February at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Glyfada, during the annual Program Presentation 2010.
Many visitors including friends, supporters, members, and volunteers of all ages honored us by attending the event. All presentations displayed interesting facts which either impressed or even surprised a few by their statistics. In some fields, 2010 proved to be “satisfying”, while others could not remain unaffected by the recent difficult circumstances.

 Archelons Second Meeting With The 8th Primary Public School Of Glyfada Regarding The “Fishermen & Sea Turtles” Program

This meetings intention was to visit a local super market and fish market in order to observe and record all fished species, including fish and other sea food. The pupils were very eager and happy to fill in their assignment forms with full details on the fishs characteristics, like the species, shape, dimensions and their location origin.

 Proposals of the NGOs CAMPAIGN FOR THE CONSTITUTION AND INSTITUTIONS to the Greek Parliaments Committee on Institutions and Transparency, relating to the regulation of volunteerism and NGOs

On 22 February 2011, Nicholas Raissis was one of the participants at the meeting of the Greek Parliaments Committee on Institutions and Transparency relating to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Mr. Raissis, who had been invited to attend, is one of the coordinators of the NGOs Campaign for the Constitution and Institutions, and is an experienced member of the group Civil Society. The Committee of thirteen Members of Parliament, chaired by Miltiades Papaiannou (PASOK), First Vice-Chair Panagiotis Tragakis (ND), Second Vice-Chair Liana Kanelli (KKE) and Secretary Ioannis Korantis (LAOS), heard Mr. Raississ proposals, which are presented below.

 ARCHELON introduces technology in its projects

ARCHELON every year does an effort to improve its projects. During 2010 nesting season all nest locations were precisely recorded with the help of GPS devices. A result of this was to have the geographical coordinates of all turtle nests made at the nesting areas of Greece.

 A spear gun fisherman saves Christos in Leros

The caretta caretta “Christos”, of weight 9kg and carapace length 40.4cm, is our newest arrival at the Rescue Centre and was rescued by Christos Kondogiorgakis, a spear gun fisherman off the west coast of the island of Leros on the afternoon of February 4th 2011. She was spotted in the bay of Drimona entangled underwater to a rock by a fishing line prodding from her beak.

 ARCHELON cut the New Year Pie for 2011

Each year, on the last Sunday of January, we get together to cut the New Year Pie. We all declare our presence to this established event, not as a ceremonial obligation, but as a joyful gathering. It is simply a desire to re-unite, share our thoughts and dreams, set our common goals for the present and future. For a better new year!!

 The EVS Volunteers of the Sea Turtle Rescue Center

ARCHELON cooperates with the European Voluntary Service (EVS) for many years. With this cooperation ARCHELON has the chance to host long time volunteers something that is very important for the right protection of sea turtles. Volunteers have come from various countries like Finland, Sweden, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, Polland etc.

 The Sea Turtle Damaskinia is our latest arrival at the ARCHELON Rescue Centre

The Sea Turtle “Damaskinia” is our latest arrival at the ARCHELON Rescue Centre in Glyfada. She is the 15th “patient” at the moment and is being treated by the staff and volunteers of the Centre. Each day of her stay at the Centre requires 2 Euros for food and 3 Euros for medicine and medical care.
We request you support the treatment of “Damaskinia” and the rest of the turtles, by adopting them until their release!! By donating 150 Euros a month you guarantee their complete medical treatment and recovery. You may visit “Damaskinia” and the rest of the Sea Turtles every weekend between
11:00 – 17:00 at the Rescue Centre, which is located at the 3rd Marina of Glyfada.


Now ARCHELON has started accepting applications for 2011 summer projects.
Volunteers are welcomed to apply online for the projects in Zakynthos, Peloponnese (Kyparissia and Koroni) and Crete (Rethymno, Chania and Messara).

 A turtle from Kyparissia Bay looses her hind flipper in Italy

Last October the propeller of a boat in the Gulf of Taranto, Italy, hit a loggerhead turtle and cut her hind flipper. The turtle swam away bleeding and the people on the boat could not do more besides to collect the cut flipper. With some surprise they realized that the flipper bore a plastic tag of ARCHELON!

 ARCHELON and Aqua Divers Club helps more Sea Turtles to be returned to the sea

It was already November when Chris, Michail and Jiannis - three sea turtles - started their journey back to the sea.
Aqua Divers Club supports the work of ARCHELON - The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, by releasing the Sea Turtles that were being treated in the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Glyfada.

 Archelon cooperation with ISKA

Here in Chania, we are coming to the end of our first full season of cooperation with ISKA (The International Society of the Kissamoss Area) – a group of foreign people (mainly English) who have retired or relocated to Crete.
... Although the season had a slow start, ISKA were eventually able to protect 17 nests in total, and so far, over 1000 baby turtles have made their way to sea.!!

 The Athens Classic Marathon 2010

, ! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful messages of support and encouragement in the lead up to the Athens Classic Marathon. I have been overwhelmed by the level of support from people here in Greece, as well as friends and family around the world. The race itself was, without doubt, one of the most incredible experiences of my life. This year marked the 2,500th anniversary of the famous Battle of Marathon in 490 BC, so the organising committee was determined to put on a magnificent show. I want to congratulate and thank all the organisers, staff and volunteers who made it a day to remember. The support was nothing short of spectacular. Tens of thousands of people lined the route from Marathon to Athens, cheering us on, waving flags and handing out olive branches – the ancient Greek symbol of victory and peace.

 “Nikitas” (turtle) passed away

Many sea turtles die each year by entrapment or injury caused by fishing nets and longlines. Most of them are found dead by fishermen or stranded on the beach. The death of a turtle at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre is a specially sad event for the volunteers that treat them daily. About 40% of the injured turtles that arrive here are heavily injured and finally succumb to their injuries.

 Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

The United Nations General Assembly established this Day in order to strengthen awareness and vigorously prevent or condemn warfare that deliberately exploits or destroys the environment. In taking this action, the UN General Assembly considered that any environmental damage in times of armed conflict impairs ecosystems and natural resources long after the period of conflict. This damage can often extend beyond the limits of national territories and todays generation.