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 Rescue of young, injured turtle in Chania: Cooperative effort of ARCHELON and the ISKA group

The turtle was spotted on Kolumbari Beach by the local lifeguard and, with the help of tourists, was transferred to the Field Rescue Station operated by ARCHELON volunteers in Gerani.
In order to arrange for the transport of the injured turtle to the ARCHELON Rescue Center in Glyfada, the volunteers asked help from the ISKA group.

 Sea turtle dies of longline hook ingestion in southern Kyparissia Bay

More than twelve turtles have been found dead on the beaches of Trifylia in southern Kyparissia Bay this year. Most of them have no external injuries, which is an indication that the cause of death is drowning from entanglement in fishing nets or swallowing of plastics, or internal injuries and drowning from swallowing of a longline hook.

 A stone with a 23-year history…

To most people, a stone with some letters and numbers on it may not mean much, and may not arouse their curiosity about how or why it ended up on a beach.
For ARCHELON volunteers, though, who were out at dawn on Sekania Beach in Zakynthos on 3 July 2011 looking for sea turtle nests, it was a very moving discovery.

 Tourists meet ARCHELON

Thanks to the help of City Contact, tourists from Greece and abroad can get information about ARCHELON and the need for protecting sea turtles at the Info Stands in hundreds of hotels in Athens, Crete, Corfu and Rhodes.

 A second chance in life for two more turtles!

“Nondas” and “Aristotelis” were two turtles that have spent over a year in the ARCHELON rehabilitation center. They were successfully released back into the open sea the 21st of June 2011.
They were both taken out by boat with the help of Aqua Divers Club. “Nondas” left after readjusting his buoyancy. “Aristotelis” shot straight for the bottom making his extended stay worthwhile.

 2011 Lakonikos Gulf field program underway

Once again ARCHELON, The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, is welcoming back its volunteers in the Lakonikos Gulf field program. The reproduction activities of the Caretta caretta in key locations are being systematically recorded, and the information serves as an indication of nesting activity in the wider area. Along with data collection, all nests which are located are protected from natural predators.

 Oh where, oh where are the sea turtle eggs?

ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization funded by donations from the public. We do not have the ability to cover all the nesting areas in Greece, and unfortunately no government agency involves itself with the protection of sea turtles.

 The Agiannakis Environmental Station is revived once again

The Agiannakis Environmental Station was established in 2001 by ARCHELON in cooperation with the Greek Railways Organization and the Municipality of Avlonas.
The neglected Railway Station building was renovated and appropriately developed based on the financial support of the European Commission program Life-Nature.
It continues to operate by ARCHELON in collaboration with GAIAOSE (subsidiary company of the Greek Railways Organization) and support of the Trifilia Municipality.

 A new beginning for “Damaskinia” and “Marilena”

Since the beginning of 2011 we have been recording a high number of stranded turtles from all over the coasts of Greece.
We also received an unusual high number of turtles at the rescue centre. 7 turtles were sent to Glyfada over the course of 3 days. Unfortunately one dies on arrival and another passed away after a week. 
The best news of the past weeks is we were able to release our first three turtles of the year!

 Smaro – The first happy

Perhaps every time that we say goodbye to a turtle which weve helped return to its blue ocean home we feel a small satisfaction and, at the same time, an extra need to continue our work, contributing in this way one small piece to the protection of the planets biodiversity. Perhaps, riding on the shell of a turtle which is leaving us, we see our own hopes for a better world to travel with her and to pass on to future generations.

 Introducing volunteerism and sea turtles to children

A very unforgettable Saturday Afternoon Story Hour for our young friends took place on 14 May at the Pataki Bookstore in Athens. Many young readers were at the presentation of the book (Pauls turtles) by Sofia Kalantzakou.

 ARCHELON volunteers receive award from OTE Employees Cultural Association

On 26 May, at the 36th Conference of the OTE Employees Cultural Association in Zakynthos, ARCHELON was awarded a plaque for their contributions to the protection of Caretta caretta and to the field of volunteerism. The award was presented to the Coordinator of the Zakynthos programme, Smaro Touliatou.

 First Caretta nest spotted in Kyparissia Bay!

The 2011 Caretta sea turtle nesting season officially began on 28 May, eight days later than in 2010, when the first nest was located. The Kyparissia volunteer group, under the direction of Brian Ground, located and protected the nest in the area of Vounaki, South Kyparissian Gulf.
The finding marks the beginning of this years season of sea turtle study and protection, as mandated by Greek, European Union, and international law.
Lets hope that this year will be better, and that the trend of fewer nests each year in the coastal nesting areas – which is a result of human actions – will not continue. ARCHELON, with its approximately 500 volunteers from all over the world, will continue to try to protect both the turtles and their nests.

 'Explosion' of arrivals at the Rescue Centre

Along with the change of the weather and the coming of summer, more sea turtles arrive in the waters of our country, either to reproduce or to feed. When all ones life is a journey and the destination itself has the same importance as the way there, one probably cant help but have constant adventures.

 23 May, World Turtle Day and five simple ways to protect sea turtles!

On 23 May 2011, the eleventh annual World Turtle Day is celebrated.
Turtles all over the world face huge obstacles to survival. Sea Turtles in particular are threatened with extinction, and officially appear in the Red Book of Greek Endangered Animals.
Every day, each of us makes choices about what were going to eat or buy, and how were going to spend our time. Lets look at five simple things we can all do to protect sea turtles, which are so very vulnerable and threatened today.

 31st Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation

This year, the symposium took place in the USA in the city of San Diego in California. As stated by its president, Jeffrey Seminoff, “the Symposium has reached out to a broad range of sea turtle enthusiasts over the years, including researchers, conservation practitioners, educators, industry, and the general public”.