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 A young artist dedicates her work to ARCHELON

ARCHELON has always attracted a wide variety of talented individuals to its projects and one shining example of this is Katarina Bjorqvist. Katarina produced a series of 6 original postcard designs as a gift to ARCHELON and in support of our work.

 Dolphin, turtle deaths eyed for links to oil spill

All of the deaths are being looked at as possible casualties of the oil gushing unchecked since April 20 from a ruptured wellhead on the floor of the Gulf off Louisiana because of their proximity in time and space to the spill.

 Peak Nesting of Endangered Sea Turtles Threatened by Oil Spill

The recovery of endangered Kemps ridley sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico faces a dramatic set-back as oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill impacts coastal areas during their peak migration to nesting beaches. Scientists and conservation workers that have invested decades of work towards the sea turtles recovery are concerned about the growing impacts the oil slick and oiled beaches will have on these imperiled creatures.

 Turtles detect odours


 The 30th International Annual Symposium on Sea Turtles Biology and Conservation

Every year, the International Sea Turtle Society holds its Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation. This year, the 30th Annual symposium was organized in Goa, India and it was the first time that the symposium came to the South Asian region.

 The World of Turtles awards the lifetime achievement of Dimitris Margaritoulis

The International Sea Turtle Society organizes the Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation at a different location every year. This year's symposium, titled “The World of Turtles” took place from April 24 to 30 in Goa, India, with 450 participants from 60 countries.


ARCHELON broadens the categories of volunteering. There was never a need of specialised volunteers in sea turtle protection, because always experienced volunteers were training the new volunteers. Now somebody has the chance to help with having only a driving licence or technical qualifications. There are two no payment categories (except Rethymnos project)

 Open Letter to Greek Fishermans

...We have many fishermen in my family, they raised me and taught me to show respect for nature and her creatures. I know well that most of the Greek fishermen are good, responsible people. I have been in contact with many of them who have helped the rescue of many sea turtles and will call to ask about their turtle and I always inform them whenever it is about to be released. There are however people out there who destroy our reputation by taking their anger out on defenceless sea turtles...

 “Nikolas”, a horror story...

Nikolas was brutally and deliberately injured by the hands of man. Who was this demented and evil human who hammered two large nails into a defenseless creatures skull? How could someone be so cruel to leave an endangered animal to die slowly and in much pain...  

 Omiros... “Odyssey”


 European Voluntary Service in ARCHELON

ARCHELON hosts around 500 volunteers from all over the world each year. Last year, we had a great increase of volunteers of around 25%.

 The National Marine Park of Zakynthos: New President – New Start

The first meeting of the Management Board of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos (NMPZ) took place at Zakynthos on 19 February under the new President Mr Drosos Koutsoumbas (associate Professor of Marine Biology at the University of the Aegean).

 MINOAN LINES : Environmental Awareness Award

MINOAN LINES has managed all these years to demonstrate its environmental sensitivity and awareness in practice, and is already certified by GERMANISCHER Lloyd with the environmental management system ISO 14001: 2004. The companys principle is to harmonize the operation of its vessels with the delicate and fragile natural environment.

 Transport of injured caretta by plane from Samos

The turtle was transfered to the port authority and with the help of members of the organization “Archipelagos”, a box was constructed for its transfer.

 Program Presentation 2009 and cutting of New Year Pie for 2010

The Hall of the municipality of Glyfada was filled with friends of ARCHELON, and admirers of its work for the protection of sea turtles.

 The small “Matna”, the first arrival of 2010

On February 3rd, however, we were warned by the Association of Care and Protection ALKYONI (PAROS Cyclades) that they are sending a turtle that was collected shattered on a beach. This was our first arrival for 2010.