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 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Centre?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Centre Joanne Stournara updates us on the events between 16 August-19 September 2014.

 The British Embassy in ARCHELON
Some groups of people are very sensitive and want organized to support the work of the Archelon. One such group is employees of the British Embassy in Greece. With gentle encouragement of the British Ambassador H.E John Kittmer employees of the British Embassy, together with their families visited the S.T.R.C on Sunday, October 5, 2014.

 ARCHELON at TESOL Greeces Start-of-the-Year Symposium
ARCHELON had the chance to talk to teachers and inform them about why/how a class field trip to the Rescue Centre in Glyfada would be beneficial to them and their students, and also to show them samples of the free environmental education activities which can be downloaded free from the Teachers Toolbox section of the website.

 "KOSTAS" release at the National Marine Park of Zakynthos
For three months, “Kostas” was cared and treated in our Rescue Centre and thanks to the help of our dedicated volunteers, who spent their own time to protect this beautiful species.
ARCHELON together with the valuable help of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, released “Kostas” on the 6th of September in front of Louis Zante Beach Hotel (Laganas).

 Help us to keep satellite tracking 9 sea turtles
Around nine of these transmitters are still working providing valuable information on the turtles activities but we are in danger of losing this important resource as the original funding has run out and supply of the location data will be cut off.

 At long last... hatchlings seen in Attica!!!
Although the RC often receives reports of Caretta caretta turtles (both healthy and injured) in the Attica area, and even though nests on local beaches are sometimes reported, until now no hatchlings have actually been reported in this area. On Thursday evening, 26 August, a small group of ARCHELON volunteers and supporters, led by RC Co-ordinator Pavlo Tsaros, visited two beaches in the Lavrio area to check on the progress of two reported nests...

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Centre?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Centre Joanne Stournara updates us on the events between 15 July - 15 August 2014.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Centre?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Centre Joanne Stournara updates us on the events between 18 June - 15 July 2014.

 First hatchlings to reach the sea in Dafni Beach at Zakynthos, 2014
Hatching season has begun once more, with Fafni beach being the first to begin in Zakynthos. Although in relative delay compared to Messara Bay in Crete and Kyparissia Bay in Peloponnese, on the night of July 26th 2014, six baby turtle begun their dangerous life journey, following the light of the stars and leaving its traces on the sand as a pleasant surprise for the morning observers of the beach, the ARCHELON morning survey team, working in collaboration with the Management Agent of the  National Marine Park of Zakynthos.

 Joanne, whats new at the Rescue Centre?
Our volunteer at the Rescue Centre Joanne Stournara updates us on the events between 18 May-19 June 2014.

 Double sea turtle rescue in Lakonikos Bay with the help of ARCHELONs volunteers and friends
On Thursday, 24th July volunteers of the program were informed by tourists that not one, but two turtles had been entangled in nets at sea near Elia. With the valuable help of ARCHELON friends, who rushed to the area by boat, they managed to remove the net from the turtles flippers and neck, and eventually set them free.

This year again the Sea Turtle Rescue Center had hosted EVS volunteers who are great support to the rehabilitation of injured sea turtles. Johnsen Markus, a volunteer from Sweden, has spent almost 5 months in Greece in the context of EVS programme and wanted to share his, up to now, experience with us. Thus below you can find his answers to some questions about his participation.

 The execrable death of a Caretta Caretta sea turtle in Kissamos village, Chania
A dead sea turtle lying on the beach with the harpoon of a spear gun on the carapace is the worst impression that can ever be made to the surprised tourists during summer months (dead or injured turtles are being washed up on beaches), who often wonder how it is possible that there is such brutality, impunity and lack of education in a country of democracy and culture.

 "Evelin Divers" and "ARCHELON": together we can do more!
Collaboration is a very beautiful thing. Let alone when it is genuine, selfless and arises from actual sensitivity for the sea, marine life and thus the man. The Diving School "velin Divers" supports ARCHELONs field project in Rethymno and not only, with many and varied actions.

 Trip to Sounio-Lavrion
On Saturday 31st May a group of ARCHELONs volunteers went to Cape Sounio to the temple of Poseidon and to the ancient theatre of Thoriko in Lavrion. We would really like to thank our tour guide Dimitra Potsika for giving us free tour in all these places.

 World Ocean Day 08/06 - Volunteers raised awareness about the threats to the Greek shoreline
For World Ocean Day on 8th June, the volunteers of the Zakynthos project had planned a special event to raise awareness about the threats to the Greek shoreline. Visitors of Crystal Beach in Kalamaki were invited to show their support for this cause by having their photo taken with the #aigialosSOS sign and had the opportunity to write a personal message in their picture.