ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece

The agreements below are designed primarily to ensure the safety and welfare of the participants as well as the succesful operation of the project.

Your application will not be considered complete until this form is received along with your Supporter fee and proof of health insurance.


  • The applicant declares that (s)he has read, understood and agreed to all the information concerning the project and agrees with all the aspects of the placement and the rules of ARCHELON and declares that these will be followed. ARCHELON fee is non refundable.
  • The applicant agrees to complete the full length of his/her stay as stated on this form and to participate fully in all aspects of the project as requested by the project co-ordinators.
  • The applicant agrees that (s)he has very good health and physical condition and that your volunteering will not affect your health. If the applicant doesn’t mention any health issue at the application form and turns up that (s)he has a health issue, then ARCHELON has the right of immediate termination of participation. In that case the termination procedure is followed as menioned below.
  • ARCHELON may terminate the participation of a volunteer if he/she deviates from the projects' framework or engages in activities endangering him/herself, others, or the project. In such a case the applicant will be responsible for all expenses incurred due to the early termination of participation.
  • The applicant agrees to have a medical examination (if ARCHELON requests) and a medical report completed and submitted by a physician to ARCHELON if requested.
  • The applicant agrees to submit proof of accident and health insurance
  • The applicant agrees to follow the laws and regulations of the legislation country
  • To complete your registration you need to give the Supporter fee (30€ for one year) and proof of health insurance.


Yes, I want to become a supporter of ARCHELON and work as a volunteer by giving the 30€ fee and become a supporter of ARCHELON for one year.

I have read and accept the above conditions. I hereby release ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece and its affiliates of any and all claims (including civil liability if this is the case) and causes of action for loss of property, personal injury or death sustained by applicant, arising from any travel or activity conducted by or under the control of ARCHELON.