Family volunteers

Families can actively participate in ARCHELON Field Projects by helping our team of volunteers in the Peloponnese (Lakonikos BayKoroni) and Crete (RethymnoChania) from June to September. Children participating in the project must be between 8-18 years old.

Families must commit to a project for 3 days to 1 week, and in either case their participation fees are set at €50 per parent and €30 per child, nonrefundable in case of cancellation. A minor change of participation dates is allowed ONCE free of charge. Participation can be extended for one more week at maximum, if in accordance to the needs of the project. In case of extension, there is an extra fee of €30 per parent and €15 per child. These fees include administrative and training costs, and an annual subscription as an ARCHELON supporter.

Families must cover their own transportation, accommodation and food expenses. It is highly recommended that families participating in the projects have a car. A car is absolutely necessary in the Crete-Chania project.

The Field Research Stations of each project are hosted in camping sites located on the beach in each area. For convenience and the best possible collaboration with the full-time volunteer team, we suggest that families stay at the same camping area or somewhere close to the field projects.

Families participate in certain tasks and follow an independent schedule agreed upon with the Field Leader depending on the age of their children. They will be included in the weekly project schedule by the Field leader, after having discussed how much time they can offer daily. Usually, family volunteers help the full-time ARCHELON volunteers in certain activities during the day, such as protecting nests, beach cleaning, providing information to the public, shading nests, participating in activities for children, etc.

All family members will receive an ARCHELON t-shirt and will become part of the volunteer team.




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