Field leaders

A limited number of experienced and skilled volunteers is selected to become Field Leaders for our projects.

Field Leaders are volunteers responsible for leading the teams and ensuring the proper on-site implementation of sea turtle monitoring actions (Monitoring Field Leaders), public awareness actions (Public Awareness Field Leaders) and the good state of ARCHELON’s Research Stations (Camp and Volunteer Field Leaders).

Collaboration between the Field Leaders is essential for the smooth operation of each project. Together they formulate the weekly schedule (rota), boost the motivation of volunteers and manage occurring problems, in cooperation with the Project Officer for the specific project.

Field Leaders are selected through an application process with a submission deadline in early January. They are not entitled to a salary but they receive benefits such as non-fee training, free accommodation (camping space /utilities) and coverage of basic subsistence expenses such as food within the base camp scheme, as well as insurance against accidents (up to a limit). Candidates with previous experience as Field Leaders in ARCHELON’s or other relevant projects may be eligible for additional benefits. The number of Field Leaders and the distribution of tasks amongst them in each project are decided taking into account the needs of the specific project and the experience of the selected applicants.

To be eligible for a Field Leader post, you need to be over 20 years old, with a car driving license, fluent in English and ready to spend from 3 – 6 months on the site, depending on the project. A description of tasks and requirements for each of the Field Leader categories is included in the links below.

The deadline for submitting an application and a short Curriculum Vitae for the 2023 season is the 28th of February 2023. The selection is expected to be finalized by 30 March, 2023.

See below the description of each category of Field Leaders and the application form:



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