Greek speakers

A number of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers with excellent knowledge of the Greek language and mentality is needed in ARCHELON’s nesting beach projects. Their duties will be the same as for the rest of volunteers/ interns, but their participation aims to ensure, that a number of school presentations, participation in local events, and communication through the information kiosks are conducted in Greek. They will also support Field Leaders in maintaining communication with businesses, public authorities, locals and Greek visitors. Internships from Greek Educational Institutions on a variety of subjects are also welcome.

Please indicate on your application your level of knowledge of the Greek language. Reduced volunteer participation fees for Greek speakers on nesting beach projects are shown in the Overview Table. From 1/1/2022 fees are applied as shown in the Overview Table of Participation fees as well as the cancellation policy and policy for the change of participation dates. Relevant information can be seen here.




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