Organized groups of visitors (e.g. scouts, students, clubs, undergraduates, etc.) have the opportunity to actively participate in ARCHELON projects in either the Peloponnese (Koroni, Lakonikos Bay) or Crete (Rethymno) and help the team of full-time volunteers with some of the activities.

Groups can participate for a period of from 3 to 7 days, and the group has to have between 10 and 20 participants. During their stay, groups will have the opportunity to acquire not only theoretical but also hands-on experience with sea turtles, their nesting activity, the threats to survival they face, and the conservation techniques designed to protect them.

Please note that the Field Projects are open to groups in June, July, August and September. Due to conditions at the nesting beaches in July, it is highly recommended that groups be as flexible as possible when planning their volunteer participation so as to be able to be placed in a project, i.e. we strongly advise that groups submit applications for participation in the months of June, August or September.

Insurance and responsibility

Bear in mind that it is absolutely necessary and obligatory the groups to have at least one group leader who will be responsible for the safety of the group and the organization of the visit. ARCHELON is not responsible in any way for the safety of the participants.

The groups must take care of its own health insurance and civil liability. ARCHELON is not in the position to cover any costs in case of sickness, accidents of the participants or any other damages against third parties.

Participation Costs

For the group volunteer participation fee please contact our Volunteer Officer (Please note that this is a nonrefundable fee):

Chara Papailiou
Tel: 210 5231342




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