Information and Awareness


The Sea Turtle Rescue Center in Glyfada is open to the public and available for group visits during certain days and hours every week. Visitors are informed by trained ARCHELON volunteers. The Rescue Center organizes releases of rehabilitated sea turtles back to the sea and these open public events are announced through social media.

Seasonal Information kiosks are operated by the ARCHELON teams near the nesting beaches every summer to inform visitors and raise public awareness. Visitor awareness events are organized systematically in hotels of the same areas. About 25,000 visitors on Crete, 35,000 on Zakynthos and 15,000 on the Peloponnese, receive information from ARCHELON each year.

The announcements of #turtlechallenges was the antidote to the lockdown mood during 2020. The first challenge in March resulted in 17 stories with “sea turtles and Ping-Pong balls”. The second was introduced in May and resulted in 13 drawings ‘what sea turtles like and what they dislike”. 

You can find them on ARCHELON’s facebook page. 

The third challenge in December brought us 21 stories “ideas for video scripts at the Rescue Centre”. You can download the electronic issue "An adventure at the Rescue Centre" (pdf) and enjoy a synopsis of each of them, below.





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