Scientific Work

(In chronological order)

The vast scientific work of ARCHELON can be seen in the large number of papers published mostly in scientific journals. We provide below a provisional list of all these papers; probably there are more which we couldn't locate. ARCHELON researchers and personnel as well as students working for ARCHELON have drafted these papers or co-authored them. Many of the papers below are accompanied by their full text in pdf format. You may download the papers you wish. In case you need a paper that does not appear as a pdf file, we may post a hard copy to you provided you send us your postal address at Thank you!


Margaritoulis D., Chondropoulos B., Tzannetatou-Polymeni R., Kollaros D., Dimitropoulos A., Valakos S., Mylonas M., Paraschi L. 1992

Threatened species: Amphibians and Reptiles. Pages 97-103 in The Red Data Book of Threatened Vertebrates of Greece (editors: M. Karandinos, L. Paraschi). Hellenic Zoological Society and Hellenic Ornithological Society, Athens, Greece. (text in Greek, only the titles in English).

Nantsou T., Antipas M. 1992

First results of the Sea Turtle Rescue Network in Greece. Testudo 3(4): 38-42.

Anonymous 1991

“Centre for sea turtle studies” established in Zakynthos. Marine Turtle Newsletter, 55: 25-26.

Anonymous 1990

Sea turtle consrervationists attacked. Marine Turtle Newsletter, 51: 29.

Dimopoulos D. 1990

Zakynthos 1990: An Update on the Public Awareness Programme. Marine Turtle Newsletter, 54: 21-23.

Margaritoulis D. 1990

Successes and failures: conservation and tourism on the nesting beaches of Laganas bay, Zakynthos, Greece, 1989. Marine Turtle Newsletter, 49: 13-14.

Frazier J., Margaritoulis D. 1990

The occurrence of the barnacle, Chelonibia patula (Ranzani, 1818), on an inamimate substratum (Cirripedia, Thoracica). Crustaceana, 59(2): 213-218.

Charalambides N. 1990

On the beach with the turles of Greece. Earth Island Journal, Summer 1990: 24-25.

Dimopoulos D. 1990

Zakynthos 1989: Turning the tide for turtles. WWF Reports, February/March 1990: 18-19.

Margaritoulis D. 1989

Loggerhead sea turtle nesting: Kiparissia bay, Greece. Marine Turtle Newsletter, 45: 5-6.

Margaritoulis D. 1989

Loggerhead sea turtle nesting: Kiparissia bay, Greece. Pages 105-106 in Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Workshop on Sea Turtle Conservation and Biology (compilers: S. A. Eckert, K. L. Eckert, T. H. Richardson). Jekyll Island, Georgia, 7-11 February 1989. NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-SEFC-232. National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Miami, USA.

Butterworth K. 1989

Tourism threatens Greek sea turtles. WWF News, May/June 1989.

Butterworth K. 1989

The turtling turtlers of Zakynthos. Action Magazine, November 1989: 28-29.

Butterworth K. 1989

The voice of the turtle. The Athenian, May 1989: 22-24.

Margaritoulis D. 1989

The nesting activity of the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta on the Island of Zakynthos, Greece. In Abstracts of the First World Congress of Herpetology (compilers: Tim Halliday, John Baker, Lottie Hosie), 11-19 September 1989, University of Kent at Canterbury, U.K.


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