On a nesting beach

  • Make sure that the beach is free from beach furniture, and noise during the night.
  • Switch off or cover bright lights which are visible from the nesting beach.
  • Don't dig out the nests. The sea turtles, the nests, their eggs and the hatchlings are protected by Greek law and international conventions.
  • Don't move nest signs or protective cages above the nests.
  • Don't touch the hatchlings. It is important that they find on their own their way to the sea.
  • Don't light fires at night on the nesting beaches.
  • Avoid using vehicles on the beach.
  • Avoid going very fast in a motor boat, close to a nesting beach.
  • Get information on more specific rules for the protection of sea turtle nesting on this beach in ARCHELONs information Stations and follow them.
  • Visit ARCHELON's website to learn all about sea turtle conservation in Greece.

Sunbeds stacked on the back of the beach are an acceptable practice for some nesting beaches.



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