Sea turtles in the Rescue Centre

The Sea Turtle Rescue Centre has been operating since 1994 in Glyfada, Attica, by the waterfront. It was founded by ARCHELON with the support of the Municipality of Glyfada and the Ministry of Environment and is one of the first Sea Turtle Rescue Centers in the Mediterranean. Its purpose is to treat injured and sick sea turtles and eventually release them back into the sea. You can adopt an injured/ sick sea turtle at the Recsue Centre and contribute to it's treatment and feeding costs. And of course you are welcome to come and visit it at the Rescue Centre or get updated from our webpage about it's progress and release back to the sea.


Adopt a sea turtle


PiouFlipper injury20/07/2012
Sophia VIICarapace injury14/10/2017Pierik Gerrie 
HermesHead injury29/09/2018
Zoe IVIntentional head injury19/10/2019
SvenHead injury22/12/2019
ElectraSevere head injury25/06/2020
LactaHead injury18/07/2020Britta Joachim
CleopatraHead injury19/07/2020
TaygeteCarapace injury30/07/2020Loudon Leonie
LemonyHead injury31/07/2020Bamert Denise
ForestSevere lung infection19/08/2020Parsons Jessica
SpiritHead unjury29/08/2020
Nikos VHead injury02/09/20204th Primary School of Orestiada
ScubaFlipper injuries from entanglement04/09/2020
PoseidoniaLung infection & hook ingestion11/09/2020
NessajaLung infection25/10/2020
HallyΗook & fishing net ingestion01/11/2020
Calypso ΙΙFlipper entanglement16/11/2020General High School of Patras
Navy BlueΗypothermia & hook ingestion23/12/2020
ArielHead injury30/12/2020
WinnieFlipper injury from entanglement & debris ingestion03/01/2021
MichaelHypothermia, old flipper injuries due to entanglement 02/02/202132nd Primary School of Volos
DhaliaΟld flipper & neck injuries due to entanglement, hypothermia03/02/2021
ValentineHook & fishing line ingestion13/02/2021Delfi Primary School
IthacaΗook ingestion13/03/2021
OndineHook ingestion and hypothermia23/03/2021


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