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The first Caretta caretta nest for 2017 in Lakonikos bay

During the early morning of Wednesday, 31st May 2017, the first Caretta caretta nest was laid in Lakonikos bay, and more specifically on the beach of Mavrovouni.

The first Caretta caretta nest for 2017 in Lakonikos bay

The program for the protection and conservation of sea turtles in Lakonikos bay has started since the 25th May and will last until September 20th with the support of more than 200 volunteers from all around the world. The program includes, among others, locating and monitoring of the nests, protecting the nests from potential threats, and informing and educating visitors of the area.

The first nest was laid in front of a coffee-bar business and, taking this as an opportunity, we would like to emphasize that by properly following the management measures for the protection of sea turtles, we can all live together without compromising the environment in which we belong.

It is of utmost importance to collect beach furniture in the evening, so as not to limit the available nesting space for the protected species, cleaning vehicles to be used only before and after the end of the reproduction season, and to reduce light pollution in the beach (lamps, lenses, fires) as it disorients adult females and hatchlings on their way out of the nests. Each of us can help protect this ancient reptile through small but conscious acts of respect for our comrades in this world. Have a nice summer!


Information: Polymnia Nestoridou, Project Officer - Peloponnese Program – tel.: 6951009785



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