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The rehabilitation of «Adonis»

On Wednesday the 9th of August, a very happy event took place in the island of Zakynthos!

A sea turtle named “Adonis”, after a three month stay in ARCHELON’s Rescue Center in Athens, went back to its natural habitat. “Adonis” is a juvenile sea turtle that weighs 22kg and is about 50cm long. It was transferred there on May 20th 2017 with plastic ingestion. There with the help of our volunteers and specialized veterinarians it was fully rehabilitated.

The rehabilitation of «Adonis»

With the support of Olympic Airlines and Fraport Airport Services “Adonis” was transported to the island of Zakynthos, and started again his journey to the sea in front of the hotel ATLANTICA ELEON GRAND RESORT & SPA with the support of the hotel and NEFIS TRAVEL.

ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society Of Greece invited the visitors and the locals of Zakynthos to join our volunteers in this event, which gave them the opportunity to experience this amazing wild animal make its way back to the sea, and also to be informed about the problems this endangered species is facing especially when it comes to plastic pollution, and the importance of conserving its nesting habitat on the island.

The rehabilitation of «Adonis»

Public Awareness about the problems sea turtles are facing and what people can do to help them is one of ARCHELON’s most important elements.

We wish “Adonis” safe travels.


Information: Anna Lamaj, Project Leader of Zakynthos Project
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