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Rethymnoʼs most ancient visitors have appeared for yet another year

Earlier than in previous years, the Caretta caretta sea turtles appeared on the beaches of Rethymno to lay their eggs. The first nest of 2018 was located by the experienced ARCHELON volunteers in Adelianos Kampos on May 20th, while on the same day, tracks of a laying attempt were recorded within the city of Rethymno and in the Skaleta area.

Rethymnoʼs most ancient visitors have appeared for yet another year

Sea turtles swim in the seas of our planet for over 200 million years; they are contemporary to the dinosaurs that have since been extinct. These ancient animals, that live in the sea but breathe air from the atmosphere, only come out on the beach to lay their eggs in the sand. There, they need to find clean and quite beaches and adequate area to make their nests in the sand.

Each year that turtles return to the beaches of Rethymno is a year of hope that the level of development of our society allows for nature to function. The Rethymno Municipality and responsible services have taken action for yet another year to keep this hope alive.

This is a list of guidelines for all, visitors and businessmen, to follow at nesting beaches:

  • Umbrellas should be placed at fixed points with their axes perpendicular to the wave.
  • Beach furniture should be removed/suspended after sunset, to allow sufficient space of nesting during the night.
  • Beach furniture should be washed in an area outside the beach, to avoid watering the nests and risking rotting of the eggs.
  • Adult and hatchling tracks should not be tampered with, to allow for ARCHELON’s morning survey teams to record all night activity.
  • Facilities like tents and/or showers should not be placed on the beach, if possible.
  • Human presence, noise and artificial lights should be avoided on the beach during the night
  • Heavy duty beach cleaning vehicles should not be used during May-October.

You can reach out to ARCHELON volunteers daily at the Information Stations at Rethymno Enetiko Limani and on the nesting beaches from Delfini to Skaleta in the Rethymno bay, from 05:00am.



Odysseas Paxinos, Crete Program Coordinator, ARCHELON, tel: 6937352379, email:

fb: ARCHELON Crete, ARCHELON, the official page

(translation: Danai Kyriaki)



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