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Donate now, more than ever

Donate now, more than ever

Nature is not in quarantine... The 20 injured or ill sea turtles housed in the tanks of ARCHELON’s Rescue Center in Glyfada cannot, of course, understand the extraordinary conditions in the world of the people who care for them. Only the people of ARCHELON recognize the practical consequences of the cancellation of thousands of visits to the Rescue Center from last March to May. This time last year, the Rescue Center was full of excited students and visitors having a close look at sea turtles and our work to rescue and protect their nesting beaches. The revenue from the willing contribution of all these visitors is unexpectedly down to zero and will not recover until the need for global social distancing expires.

But while human affairs seem to have a significant delay, life in nature does not stand still. More sea turtles will reach the Rescue Center in the coming months, while others will be released healthy back to the sea. To survive, those sick or injured animals need food, veterinary care, energy and facility maintenance, daily treatment and care from ARCHELON staff and volunteers. At the same time, the biological clock of turtles in the sea is ticking, calling for migration and mating before they reach the Greek nesting beaches. In spite of the general uncertainty, global and local restrictions on travel and the un- preceded financial consequences that are beyond our control, at ARCHELON we keep on and will carry on our actions, guided by the value of protecting nature and wildlife on our planet.

Help us continue our work in this difficult time. Your donation is needed to get us all together to a worthwhile tomorrow, when we reopen our door to those around us and the world around us. Nature is not in a lockdown; nor is our relationship with it.

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