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Dim the lights for baby turtles

The incubation period in loggerhead nests is approximately 2 months. Then, during the night, hatchlings come out and begin making their way to the sea, guided by the reflection of the moon and stars on the water. Artificial lights from hotels, shops, restaurants and roads confuse and attract the hatchlings. As a result, they get disorientated and move towards the land, where they die.

Dim the lights for baby turtles

The first tracks of hatchlings have already appeared on the nesting beaches of Kyparissiakos, Rethymno, Chania, Gytheio, Zakynthos and it seems most of them were successful in reaching the sea.

However, in Kyparissiakos, the newborn hatchlings failed to reach their destination. Due to light pollution in the area, all of them headed towards the opposite direction of the sea and the result was unfortunately fatal. Read the related article here: http://www.archelon.gr/eng/ournews.php?row=row10&nid=997


How can I help?

You can support by asking beach front businesses to dim the lights in order to help the baby sea turtles to find their way to the sea. Also, to continue removing and stacking their sun beds at the end of each day leaving the beach clean, open and free for them.

Ιn case of encountering hatchlings on the beach during the day, keep in mind that water should not be poured over them, nor should they be transported to the sea, as it is crucial that hatchlings walk their way to the sea by themselves. Shading them and leveling the sand in front of them until they reach the sea are the only things humans should do at this point.

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