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I saw a sea turtle and shared it on eTurtle!

In a recently published review about sea turtles in the Mediterranean, it was acknowledged that significant gaps still exist on several topics, especially for certain areas (e.g. south-eastern Mediterranean). These gaps are particularly marked for the green turtle.

It is easy to understand that gathering data for migratory marine animals can be a demanding exercise both in time and resources. On the other hand, a growing number of people is aware of the environmental problems of our planet, which also affect their survival. That is why the potential input of citizen observations to scientific knowledge and information is important and welcome.

Using smartphones to share information about sightings of sea turtles in the Mediterranean sea is made possible since last July. The eTurtle application (for Android v5+) was developed within the project LIFE - EUROTURTLES and is available in English, Greek, Italian, Maltese, Croatian and Slovenian.

Citizen observations and reports will help in the identification of threats and the location of areas with conservation problems. They will also support the design of solutions to the problems of these areas.

How can I help?

By using the eTurtle smartphone application to report any turtle sightings at sea this year. You can download it for free for mobile phones with Android v5+ from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.mashdog.euroturtles

Citizen science is a global trait about the contribution of citizens in scientific knowledge and information. With your help we will try to ensure a better future for the sea turtles, the Mediterranean sea, its people and visitors.



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