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Enjoy a refreshing weekend by the sea dedicated to sea turtles!

May 23rd has been declared as the World Sea Turtle Day!

This is a celebration initiated in 2000 by the organizations engaged with the protection and preservation of one of the worldʼs most mystical and prehistoric creatures, the sea turtles. They have been around since before the dinosaurs walked the planet, but mankindʼs actions have brought them to the brink of extinction. Nowadays the fight is for their survival!

This year we also celebrate the 15 years of ARCHELONʼs Rescue Centre in Glyfada (3rd Marina), the only hospital for sea turtles in Greece!

We take this great opportunity to honor both occasions and we invite all of you to join us for a celebration weekend, filled with sea and turtles!

This two-day fascinating event has it all: movies and short film documentaries projections about sea turtles and ARCHELON (special program) along with two pretty outstanding projects, lots of activities and fun!

On Saturday 23rd of May, at 12:00, the sea adventures begin with a book presentation. The first greek book about Sea Kayaks, will be presented by its author, Vassilis Liakos. Next, weʼll have the chance to enjoy a demonstration of traditional and modern sea kayaks on the sea in front of the Rescue Centre.
Friends and funs of sea and sports are welcome!

On Sunday 24th of May, at 12:00, Patakis Publications and we invite our younger friends on a unique and memorable journey. Our ship will be Sofiaʼs Kalantzakou tale entitled “Petros Pelekanos summer time”, the crew consists of the PARODOS Art Group and off we sail to Mykonos, looking for more adventure and surprises.

Petros, the pelican, and his friends will give their own battle to protect the sea. For the rest of us letʼs try and make sea a safer place for one of its oldest inhabitants: the sea turtles!


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