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I need the sea because it teaches me...

For the people who have visited and worked in the Rescue Center in the last eleven years, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the presence of Pavlos Tsaros has been unforgettable and completely interwoven with the rescue and care of the sea turtles. In addition to his position as a Rehabilitation Officer, Pavlos invoked his passion, dedication and unique temperament in the Rescue Center's work. The sorrow for his unexpected loss continues to overwhelm the people who met him, his colleagues, the volunteers who worked and were inspired at his side, not only in Greece, but also in all parts of the world where he travelled following his great love, the protection of nature and sea turtles.

Έχω ανάγκη τη θάλασσα γιατί με διδάσκει...In memory of Pavlos, on Sunday September 24, two weeks after his loss, three sea turtles were released in the Western Peloponnese. These turtles were found injured earlier this summer and after three months of treatment at the Rescue Center they were ready to return to the sea. More specifically, the released turtles are:

Nileas, a male loggerhead sea turtle found with a mutilated flipper at Romanos beach by the lifeguards of Costa Navarino. We would like to thank the Coast Guard of Pylos for their help regarding the transfer of this turtle to the Rescue Center.

Syra, a female loggerhead sea turtle found in Syros suffering with a lung infection. Mr. Marangos helped with the rescue and transfer of this turtle to the Rescue Center.

Bilbo, a male loggerhead sea turtle suffering from a hook injury. This sea turtle was found in Cephalonia and was moved to Athens by Nikos Vallianos of the Wildlife Sense team. This was the second time this sea turtle was treated at the Rescue Center.

These releases were carried out by boat with the assistance of the boat and crew of the Aqua Divers Club diving center.

With this hopeful moment of releasing three healthy turtles, which Pavlos himself took care of in recent months, we take a deep breath and continue his work!

I need the sea because it teaches me, 
I do not know if I learn music or awareness, 
if it is a single wave or its vast existence, 
or only its harsh voice or its shining 
suggestion of fishes and ships. 
The fact is that until I fall asleep, 
in some magnetic way I move in 
the universe of the waves.

Pablo Nerouda



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