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The Caretta protection theory is being realised in Rethymno

During 2017 summer period, in almost 11 klms of beach at the Rethymno Gulf, (from Delfini to Skaleta), over 10.000 sea furniture were spread. Over half of the deck chairs were removed by nightfall, to allow the arrival of the female carettas about to give birth. But is this measure’s implementation rate enough to preserve the sea turtle population that reproduces in Rethymno intact? What else can be done for the lights and noise, during the night, at the beach?

On Wednesday, May 16th 2018, the annual reunion of services and actors for the most effective management of the Caretta caretta sea turtle reproduction habitat was realised, for the fourth time, at the beaches of Rethymno Gulf. Mr Alefantinos Minos, Deputy Mayor of the Technical Services and Monuments, Mr Nikoloudakis Manos, from the Environment Department of the District of Rethymno, the representative of the Rethymno Seaport Authority Mr Zacharioudakis Antonios and the Coordinator of ARCHELON’S Crete Program, environmentalist Odysseas Paxinos, were all present.

The Caretta protection theory is being realised in Rethymno

Rethymno Gulf hosts the third greatest number of caretta nests in Greece and the nesting beaches are in an area of the NATURA 2000 Network. From May to October, every year, the relevant authorities, the visitors and the businesses that are acting in this region are asked to implement the managerial measures for the caretta reproduction protection, as established in the process for the concession of the simple use of the coast.

ARCHELON Society is conducting programs of recording, protection and awareness raising at the nesting beaches with the participation of many volunteers from all over the world. You can find out more at: http://www.archelon.gr


(translation: Irene Neofytou)



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