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First nests of the season also in Koroni!

On 8 June the first Caretta caretta, sea turtle nests of Koroni this season were spotted on the beaches of Zaga and Memi with great joy by the ARCHELON volunteers during their morning survey.

First nests of the season also in Koroni!

The nests were protected with special grids in order to avoid possible dangers (beach furniture or predation). We remind you that every summer special measures are applied to protect the reproduction of turtles on the nesting beaches.

On the Koroni beaches, where nesting season begins in the beginning of June and ends in September, approximately 50 nests are made every year. According to ARCHELON’s research, these are the only beaches where beach furniture was not increased in 2017. So well done Koroni!

In the Koroni port you may visit ARCHELON’s Info Point daily and be informed by our volunteers!


Information: Polymnia Nestoridou, South Peloponnese Project Officer, tel: +30 6951009785



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