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The protection of the Loggerhead Sea turtles in Laganas Bay, Zakynthos, Greece during 2018


This short report, submitted to the European Commission, the Standing Committee of Bern Convention and the ministry of Environment and Energy presents the main events in the efforts to protect the nesting habitats of Loggerhead Sea Turtles in Laganas Bay, Zakynthos.

Ordinary heroes of the protection of sea turtles


Suddenly one reads on the screen the phrase: “There is a phone number people can call when an injured sea turtle is found – we’re on the line 24/7.”It is about ARCHELON’s Rescue Center!

The annual report for the region «Thines Kyparissias»


Conservation efforts during 2018 at the nesting habitat of Caretta caretta in southern Kyparissia Bay (Natura 2000 - GR2550005 “Thines Kyparissias”)

Presidential Decree declares new legal framework for the protection of Kyparissia Bay


Fourteen environmental non-governmental organizations in Greece, have expressed their satisfaction regarding the issuance of a Presidential Decree for the Kyparissia Bay (EU Natura 2000 sites GR 2550005, GR 2330005 and GR 2330008).


Our Accounts for 2017

  • The core team that contributed to ARCHELON’s work in 2017 comprised 30 people. Of these, 15 people offered pro bono services as members elected on the Board of Directors or participated in the Scientific and other Committees, and further 15 were staff members. A network of 44 part time volunteers, residents of Athens, supported the Rescue Centre regularly throughout the year.
  • ARCHELON’s projects attracted and trained 589 volunteers for the Field Research Stations and the Rescue Centre, including 25 field leaders. Volunteers came mostly from Europe and 14% from Greece.
  • More Ambassadors were added to ARCHELON’s network: 24 new Ambassadors were selected from the 2017 projects to support volunteer recruitment in 2018.
  • There was an increase in the number of internships; 89 students from Universities abroad and 4 students from Greek Universities.
  • There was a significant number of families with children and short term volunteers; in total 414 people from both categories participated in our field projects 2017.

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